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    This hotel is approximately 10 minutes (10.6 miles) from Houston Raceway Park and is much smaller than hotels from past events. It is located right off Interstate 10 and the biggest benefit is distance to RPR.


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    Two kinds of people...

    Via- dopefedlsx

    Two Kinds Of People... Via- Dopefedlsx
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    When the car is down and all you wanna do is race...

    When The Car Is Down And All You Wanna Do Is Race...
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    The perfect house does exist!

    The Perfect House Does Exist!
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    This should be interesting!

    Via- Nitrous Outlet

    This Should Be Interesting! Via- Nitrous Outlet
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    Definitely not a drift car!

    Definitely Not A Drift Car!
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    TX2K19 is going to be unreal! March 14th-17th!

    Tx2K19 Is Going To Be Unreal! March 14Th-17Th!
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