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    Unknown2 months ago

    I think this web site has got very fantastic indited written content articles .


    Garage Decisions10/18/2017

    Good list! Just finished putting together a similar top 10 for fastest 0-60 times. Check it out:


    The 2003 Audi RS6 might not whip all of these vehicles, but I do believe it is more deserving of a spot on this list than some of these vehicles. Quick stats per Motor Trend: 4.2L Twin Turbo V8 450 hp/415 lb-ft - 4.3 seconds 0 - 60, 12.63 @ 109 1/4 mile


    You forgot to add the 2003-2006 Mercedes-Benz E55. This thing can whip any of those cars in a strait line with the exception of the Z06, which it does it at the same time, for less than 15K.




    Audi rs4


    and forgot the n54/n55 335s and 135s from Beamer


    You forgot the 05/06 GTO!


    hurry up

    Michael Crowley10/27/2014

    Man. good luck washing that thing when it gets dirty! Imagine trying to get dirt and dust out of all of those nooks and crannies!


    Yep. I have a 2004 stock c5 Z06. Fasted car i ever owned; and I've owned a lot. Handles like a dream. Would never sell it. It's been overlooked for a while now. But for the money, I can't think of a better overall performer. You have to drive one to fully understand all it can do.


    I feel honored to have my car and photo in your article, awesome!

    Rockysds's Profile Image

    Such a great write-up.


    That's a holden not a chevrolet, most likley a ute


    Commented on Turboguy's Article: The 10 Ugliest Celebrity Cars Ever


    all the cars on this list were fair to great except for the paint jobs/wraps


    The list is totally correct, the only thing I do want to point out though is Deadmau5's car. And this is a point that many people (including myself) miss; the Nyan Cat wrap is supposed to be stupid, Mr.Mau5 did the whole wrap for shits and giggles.

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