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    When u trying to film 2 Aventador's and pull up on a 911R. On another note... is S greater than SV? Find out here -

    Ride Check Bts When U Trying To Film 2 Aventador's And Pull Up On A 911R. On Another Note... Is S Greater Than Sv? Find Out Here - Https://
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    TargaTrophy2 days ago

    R8 V10 Plus in LA LA Land!

    R8 V10 Plus In La La Land!
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    Black & White is right!

    Black & White Is Right!
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    Season 2 of the Targa Trophy Ride Check has begun featuring the Lamborghini Aventador S. Step into the latest beast from Sant'Agata and see how is stacks up against the coveted SV and original Gen 1 Aventador.

    Hit the link here - - and check it out today!

    New Ride Check - Now Playing - Https:// Season 2 Of The Targa Trophy Ride Check Has Begun Featuring The Lamborghini Aventador S. Step Into The Latest Beast From Sant'agata And See How Is Stacks Up Against The Coveted Sv And Original Ge
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    TargaTrophy6 days ago

    Posted on TargaTrophy's HUD: Which one would you take... S or SV? Watch the video and let us know!

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    The Lamborghini Aventador S is the subject of an all new Targa Trophy Ride Check - now playing here:

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    S > SV
    The Aventador S is no joke and the feature car for the premiere episode of Ride Check Season 2 on the Official Targa Trophy You Tube channel. Be sure to Subscribe and be one of the first to peep this new episode when it drops - stay tuned.
    Subscribe today:

    S Sv The Aventador S Is No Joke And The Feature Car For The Premiere Episode Of Ride Check Season 2 On The Official Targa Trophy You Tube Channel. Be Sure To Subscribe And Be One Of The First To Peep This New Episode When It Drops - Stay Tuned. Subscribe
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    TargaTrophy15 days ago

    DnnyFrsh X Boden Autohaus brutal 488 GTB ready to put his whip to good use on the premiere Targa Trophy Grand Tour - Supercar Edition - 10.13+14.17. The entry list is HEAVY - make plans now to join us and lock it in at!

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