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    SonicMS1 day ago

    Wheels • Suspension ✅
    Ready to get your car feeling proper? Send us a dm for a price quote

    Wheels • Suspension ✅ Ready To Get Your Car Feeling Proper? Send Us A Dm For A Price Quote
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    SonicMS2 days ago

    It's never a boring day here at the shop. ✅ Ferrari just in! If you need more power (who doesn't want more power?) • Send us a DM! ➡️ We can help get your car looking and feeling proper.

    It's Never A Boring Day Here At The Shop. ✅ Ferrari Just In! If You Need More Power (Who Doesn't Want More Power?) • Send Us A Dm! ➡️ We Can Help Get Your Car Looking And Feeling Proper.
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    SonicMS3 days ago


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    SonicMS4 days ago

    Original color of this car was gloss black! ♣️ Color change for the new year. If you'd like a wrap on your car, see our wrap account @wrapsbysonic for more projects that we've completed.

    Original Color Of This Car Was Gloss Black! ♣️ Color Change For The New Year. If You'd Like A Wrap On Your Car, See Our Wrap Account @wrapsbysonic For More Projects That We've Completed.
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    SonicMS5 days ago

    When it comes down to rebuilds, we have the properly trained team to pull anything. ➡️ Engines to transmissions. We're confident in our work.

    When It Comes Down To Rebuilds, We Have The Properly Trained Team To Pull Anything. ➡️ Engines To Transmissions. We're Confident In Our Work.
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    SonicMS6 days ago

    No matter what kind of car you have, we can find a way to make it better.

    No Matter What Kind Of Car You Have, We Can Find A Way To Make It Better.
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    SonicMS7 days ago

    Track prep ✅
    Need a new set of brakes? Tires?

    Track Prep ✅ Need A New Set Of Brakes? Tires?
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    SonicMS8 days ago

    Happy Saturday!

    Happy Saturday!
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    SonicMS9 days ago


    Wrap It Up
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    SonicMS10 days ago

    Need a new set of wheels?

    Need A New Set Of Wheels?
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