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    SonicMS22 days ago

    What a gorgeous Ferrari 488!

    What A Gorgeous Ferrari 488!
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    SonicMS23 days ago

    Throwback to our BMW M4 shop build!

    Throwback To Our Bmw M4 Shop Build!
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    SonicMS24 days ago

    It’s always busy here at Sonic Motorsports!
    These are a few of the projects we’ve worked on in the past.

    It’s Always Busy Here At Sonic Motorsports! These Are A Few Of The Projects We’ve Worked On In The Past.
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    SonicMS25 days ago

    How cool is this? These 22s raise this F-150 up so high!

    How Cool Is This? These 22S Raise This F-150 Up So High!
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    SonicMS26 days ago

    Can anyone guess what engine this is?

    Can Anyone Guess What Engine This Is?
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    SonicMS27 days ago

    This Lamborghini Aventador came in for an oil change!

    This Lamborghini Aventador Came In For An Oil Change!
    Unregisteredabout a month ago

    Commented on SonicMS's Rivet: Wall Pictures

    Shop #f80 #m3 Sitting Pretty On @kw_Suspension #clubsport And @bbs.wheels Motorsport E05S. #f80Post #kwsuspension #bbswheels #f82 #m4
    Mike Habout a month ago

    Are these 18’s?

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    SonicMSabout a month ago

    Another angle of this crazy widebody BMW M4 we completed!

    Another Angle Of This Crazy Widebody Bmw M4 We Completed!
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    SonicMSabout a month ago

    Throw back Thursday to this BMW M5 in Telegray!

    Throw Back Thursday To This Bmw M5 In Telegray!
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