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    Hex Hernandez9/17/2014

    Great article! Drag racing makes more sense to me now! I'll have to check out his other articles.


    I have serious chub right meow.


    Seeing the car in person does so much justice to this article, it really is beautiful for the beast hidden within.

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    Seriously tho, everything down to the paint is immaculate.

    Duval Toyota6/3/2014

    Toyota Motor's started its production with small cars but now it has been manufacturing a wide array of cars ranging from small hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, crossovers to luxury type vehicles and pickup trucks. Scion, Lexus, Hino, Ranz and off course Toyota itself are five different brands under Toyota Motor Group.

    Great post!

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    Amen! Make it for us, not the high end crowd they have plenty to play with. Let us show you what can be done with this platform as you did with the GT86/FRS/BRZ... Well done Robert!

    Rockysds's Profile Image

    There is no doubt that this concept has some serious potential for the modified world... and even the production world. If Toyota is able to bring *performance* hybrid technology to the masses, it will be a game changer. If it's not already happening, it will be shortly. A paradigm shift from mechanical to electrical engineers leading the charges in performance modifications. Great article Robert, it opens a ton of question. No doubt exciting.


    Shots came out great, car looks awesome and what a perfect locale.

    Imprezions's Profile Image

    Whoops, forgot to login. That's me ^^


    Awesome feature, hell of a job guys. Well written and the shots came out great!

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