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    Selected Gidi's 1900hp Alpha 18 GTR as the winner of the Ultimate Show-Down


    Selected Anthony's 1500hp 911 Turbo by EVOMS as the winner of the Ultimate Show-Down

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    As we move into 2019, we want to formally announce our updated safety Rules and Regulations moving forward. As event organizers, we walk a fine line in requiring and enforcing proper safety equipment without making the rules so invasive that it prevents participation. Therefore, 2019 will require the following for ALL vehicles exceeding 180mph at our half-mile events with no exceptions.

    1. Helmet - Snell SA2010 or newer Helmet
    2. Gloves - SFI-rated driving gloves must be worn
    3. Harnesses - Properly installed SFI or FIA rated harnesses with, at minimum, four points.
    4. HANS Device / Neck Restraint
    5. Fire Extinguisher - Properly mounted fire extinguisher within reach of driver in
    seated position.
    6. 4-Point Roll Bar Properly installed.
    7. Fire Suit - SFI-rated driver’s suit or jacket. A fire jacket at minimum with long pants.

    More details and specifics can be found on our Rules and Regulations, which will continually be updated here:

    We look forward to an amazing season of racing in 2019, and are hoping these implementations will allow the sport to grow safely and effectively.

    Our tentative 2019 schedule has also been posted at

    As We Move Into 2019, We Want To Formally Announce Our Updated Safety Rules And Regulations Moving Forward. As Event Organizers, We Walk A Fine Line In Requiring And Enforcing Proper Safety Equipment Without Making The Rules So Invasive That It Prevents P
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    The German Car shootout class will return in April @neverlifthalfmile #shifts3ctor @motovicitydistribution @bmwofsanrafael April 2019. Photo @ap_auto

    The German Car Shootout Class Will Return In April @neverlifthalfmile #shifts3Ctor @motovicitydistribution @bmwofsanrafael April 2019. Photo @ap_Auto
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    #shifts3ctor and @motovicitydistribution are proud to bring the @neverlifthalfmile back to #coalinga #california April 28th-29th 2019. More records and more cash prizes.... #neverlifthalfmile #motovicity #shifts3ctor

    #shifts3Ctor And @motovicitydistribution Are Proud To Bring The @neverlifthalfmile Back To #coalinga #california April 28Th-29Th 2019. More Records And More Cash Prizes.... #neverlifthalfmile #motovicity #shifts3Ctor
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    TurboS vs GT2RS #shifts3ctor #airstripattack photo @mh_lens

    Turbos Vs Gt2Rs #shifts3Ctor #airstripattack Photo @mh_Lens
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    #shifts3ctor @garrettmotion #garrettmotion #indy #airstripattack photo @epikproductions

    #shifts3Ctor @garrettmotion #garrettmotion #indy #airstripattack Photo @epikproductions
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    Good times yesterday at #buttonwillow with BBi Autosport Speed District Protective Film Solutions! #ultimagtr #bbiautosport #shifts3ctor #speeddistrict

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