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    check my vid of session4 after the tires were done

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    Definitely a great event to be involved in as a beginner a spectator or a professional!

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    Such a great event and so much fun. Not only was it great to see all the drivers and teams turn out, but also all the photographers covering the event. It sure makes a Pro-Am feel a lot more Pro. This was my first time attack but it definitely won't be my last.

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    Love these types of events. We all love purpose-built track cars, but these events also highlight the fact that you can bring your car straight off the show room floor and take it to the track, and do damn well. Truly an enthusiast event

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    Posted on ryandale's HUD: Updated their Garage: The Mistress

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    Post on ryandale's HUD: Congratulations! SharkGT has selected The Mistress as winner of the Ultimate Show-Down!

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    Post on ryandale's HUD: Check out the Get Acquainted Guide to get Started!


    wow i love it how old is it


    hi, can you recommend a powder coating comapny in colorado for my wheels and calipers? I would like a teflon flat black coat thanks, Eli

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