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    Selected Gidi's 1300hp Alpha 12 GT-R as the winner of the Ultimate Show-Down


    The screen is frozen


    Focus st170 Hill climbing on the hill to the heavens and although it is a 2 litre 4 cylinder, which has a budget saved from the year before. So imagine it with bespoke LEDA coilovers, with 6pot 330 x32 ml alcon front brakes and 280x28ml 4 pot rear brembo. All adjustable steering, suspension and geometry and 28mm front and 26 rear arb's 5mm thick plastic flat floor with ground entry air intakes which exit at the diffuser, which along with a 4 way roof spoiler and 3 position front splitter, gained 4 inches across the front track and 4.5 at the rear.
    3 fuel pumps, and 4 canister filters, 8 injectors, kenne Bell lysholm charger, Farndon billet crank, forged Steel H beam carrillo rods and arp2000 fasteners and 7.8:1 low compression JE aluminium alloy pistons to let me run 30psi peak giving a whp of 712bhp and 673lbft in a car that is not even 1800lbs (900kg) pictures to follow tomorrow

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