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    RevvolutionOTR2 hours ago

    Guess you could say the day before SCT got a little hectic, but the event was great this year! Thanks everyone that helped around the shop last week it means a lot! #cap_performance #chapmanautoperformance @bhuntsbarger @mschookrb @cole_in_denver91 @cap_performance @ivane_zr1 @eddie_srtee @maxcoberly @bclarkphotgraphy @keithr101 @1320video @streetcartakeover @l3w4kowsk1 @nitrousoutlet

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    RevvolutionOTR1 day ago

    Official Revvolution DEFCON 1 event poster! We're hanging out at Street Car Takeover all day today, be sure to swing thru the booth and grab one!

    Official Revvolution Defcon 1 Event Poster! We're Hanging Out At Street Car Takeover All Day Today, Be Sure To Swing Thru The Booth And Grab One!
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    RevvolutionOTR11 days ago

    Happy 4th of July from the Commemorative Air Force and the entire WarBird Auto Classic Team! We would like to thank all those who have sacrificed and served. A special thank you also goes out to our two chosen charities for the 2018 WarBird Auto Classic, Colorado Veterans Project and the Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation – We can’t think them enough for all the support they provide our heroes and their families.

    Come hang out with us at the upcoming WarBird Auto Classic at the Front Range Airport, July 28th!

    Happy 4Th Of July From The Commemorative Air Force And The Entire Warbird Auto Classic Team! We Would Like To Thank All Those Who Have Sacrificed And Served. A Special Thank You Also Goes Out To Our Two Chosen Charities For The 2018 Warbird Auto Classic,
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    RevvolutionOTR13 days ago

    259.6 MPH! New World Record! Watch this in car video of KC Howeth piloting this Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan, owned by DRAG965, down the standing half mile at the ShiftSector Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    Special thanks to Mohammad of DRAG965, John Reed Racing, Proline Race Engines, Precision Turbo, all of our vendors and the entire Team at Underground Racing!

    Thank you Shift-S3ctor and for an amazing event with great LIVE coverage!

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    RevvolutionOTR18 days ago

    2018 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack Presented By Drag965 Recap: Crushing Records - The Modified Lifestyle | Revvolution
    Over Father’s Day weekend, the fifth annual Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack Presented by Drag965 kicked off and lived up to its hype as the largest even...


    Over Father’s Day Weekend, The Fifth Annual Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack Presented By Drag965 Kicked Off And Lived Up To Its Hype As The Largest Even...
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    RevvolutionOTR19 days ago

    Can anybody touch these twin turbo UGR Lambos?! They continually beat their OWN records time and time again. This time - taking the half mile record from 257.00 mph to 259.67! Thats right - 259mph in a HALF MILE.. It takes the brand new 1500hp Bugatti Chiron over THREE times as long to get up to the same speed!! Think about that! These Underground Racing Lambos are undeniably the fastest street cars on the planet!

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    RevvolutionOTR19 days ago

    Almost one month away! Over 30 WarBirds confirmed for this event with hundreds of show cars!

    Almost One Month Away! Over 30 Warbirds Confirmed For This Event With Hundreds Of Show Cars!
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    RevvolutionOTR21 days ago

    New world record at Pikes Peak Hill Climb! Romaine Dumas defeats Loeb’s record with an all electric VW @ 7:57.148!

    New World Record At Pikes Peak Hill Climb! Romaine Dumas Defeats Loeb’s Record With An All Electric Vw @ 7:57.148!
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    RevvolutionOTR2 months ago

    Racecar chat! Colorado Streetcar Shootout

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