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    The Roster for Revvolution DEFCON 1 is live! Some serious street talent making its way out! Link in the comments

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    The Roster For Revvolution Defcon 1 Is Live! Some Serious Street Talent Making Its Way Out! Link In The Comments Please Like & Share!
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    Check out the track layout for Revvolution DEFCON 1. We're running 1/2 mile roll racing and 1/4 and 1/8 mile digs at the same time all weekend, in opposite directions. Oct 6 & 7 @ the Front Range Airport

    Check Out The Track Layout For Revvolution Defcon 1. We're Running 1/2 Mile Roll Racing And 1/4 And 1/8 Mile Digs At The Same Time All Weekend, In Opposite Directions. Oct 6 & 7 @ The Front Range Airport
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    For Revvolution DEFCON 1, the Race formats have been disclosed as follows;

    Saturday Half-mile ROLL Racing Competition
    Sunday Quarter-mile DIG Racing Competition
    Sunday Eighth-mile DIG Racing Competitions

    Open runs throughout on both tracks, all weekend

    This event is rolling burnouts with water only

    Competitions are STREET CARS ONLY. *All makes and models welcome to participate in open run*

    Classes and rules set to be disclosed Tuesday, September 4th. Standby


    ##### Begin Transmission For Revvolution Defcon 1, The Race Formats Have Been Disclosed As Follows; Saturday Half-Mile Roll Racing Competition Sunday Quarter-Mile Dig Racing Competition Sunday Eighth-Mile Dig Racing Competitions Open Runs Throughout On Bo
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