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    NationwideProductions1 day ago

    Florida drivers--you gotta move out of that left lane for faster vehicles coming up behind you! Tampa Police Department's Officer Roy Paz discusses why (it's the LAW)!

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    NationwideProductions2 days ago

    Tonight!! Let's go!! Spread the word
    Like this post if you're at least gonna roll through tonight!!

    Tonight!! Let's Go!! Spread The Word Like This Post If You're At Least Gonna Roll Through Tonight!!
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    NationwideProductions6 days ago

    This just happened in Castle Rock in the Meadows. I was recording because of the police activity. Was not expecting to see a car chase.

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    NationwideProductions9 days ago

    Tonight!!! Let's Go!!!
    Please do not arrive before 1015pm or you will be asked to leave. Tag your friends Leggo!!

    Tonight!!! Let's Go!!! Please Do Not Arrive Before 1015Pm Or You Will Be Asked To Leave. Tag Your Friends Leggo!!
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