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    Merry Christmas NASA Rocky Mountain Drivers!

    Merry Christmas Nasa Rocky Mountain Drivers!
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    National Auto Sport Association
    In the NASA Rocky Mountain Region, which had six TMC competitors, Matthew Dirks came out on top, edging out Loni Unser, who is in her last year of eligibility in TMC. Dirks also had a good showing at the NASA Championships at Circuit of The Americas, earning pole position for the Toyo Tires Classic race. #DRIVENASA


    In The Nasa Rocky Mountain Region, Which Had Six Tmc Competitors, Matthew Dirks Came Out On Top, Edging Out Loni Unser, Who Is In Her Last Year Of Eligibility In Tmc. Dirks Also Had A Good Showing At The Nasa Championships At Circuit Of The Americas, Earn
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    Great turn out for our NASA Rocky Mountain instructor school. It’s great to see so many drivers wanting to GIVE BACK!!

    Great Turn Out For Our Nasa Rocky Mountain Instructor School. It’s Great To See So Many Drivers Wanting To Give Back!!
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    Your 2018 Mazda Road to 24 Shootout winner is Michael Carter, who will take the $100,000 Mazda Motorsports scholarship to the Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich.

    Your 2018 Mazda Road To 24 Shootout Winner Is Michael Carter, Who Will Take The $100,000 Mazda Motorsports Scholarship To The Battery Tender Global Mazda Mx-5 Cup Presented By Bfgoodrich.
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    Is it racing season yet?!

    Is It Racing Season Yet?!
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    In this weeks episode of the CARS YEAH podcast, they talk about automotive advice, career challenges, and much more with NASA Rocky Mountain Driver, Loni Unser!

    Click the link below to listen

    In This Weeks Episode Of The Cars Yeah Podcast, They Talk About Automotive Advice, Career Challenges, And Much More With Nasa Rocky Mountain Driver, Loni Unser! Click The Link Below To Listen
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    Survey : Questions
    The winner should represent one of more of the following core values: Integrity; Basics and Flawless Execution; Continuous Kaizen (continuous improvement); Challenger Spirit; Tomoiku (help others); and One Mazda (work as one unit).


    The Winner Should Represent One Of More Of The Following Core Values: Integrity; Basics And Flawless Execution; Continuous Kaizen (Continuous Improvement); Challenger Spirit; Tomoiku (Help Others); And One Mazda (Work As One Unit).
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