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    @polished07 getting some love in the doghouse #buildmaintainrace #mofab #mofabllc #gd #baywork

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    New R&D rig. Last person you would think be buying a Ford but now we have two #ecoboost whips in the stable. Going to play with exhaust ideas and a tune once she’s broke in. Any of you guys digging the fords lately? We are! Who’s els got an eco boost out there ????? Let’s see them ovals #mofab #buildmaintainrace #explorersport #hptuners

    New R&d Rig. Last Person You Would Think Be Buying A Ford But Now We Have Two #ecoboost Whips In The Stable. Going To Play With Exhaust Ideas And A Tune Once She’s Broke In. Any Of You Guys Digging The Fords Lately? We Are! Who’s Els G
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    With 2018 going out with a bang we’re excited for big things in 2019!!!! Thanks to all our customers and followers alike. Be safe tonight and live to see another day. Well apparently you guys liked the #rotangaru the most this year. We couldn’t do it with out support from our vendors. Shout out to @aemelectronics @tialsport @radiumengineering @phenixindustries @built2apex @fullfunctioneng @ecumasterusa @atpturbo @garrettmotion @tssfabus @vibrant_performance @fuelinjectorclinic @thezfdesign @elite_rotary_shop #mofabllc #newyearseve #buildmaintainrace #twinturbo

    With 2018 Going Out With A Bang We’re Excited For Big Things In 2019!!!! Thanks To All Our Customers And Followers Alike. Be Safe Tonight And Live To See Another Day. Well Apparently You Guys Liked The #rotangaru The Most This Year. We Couldn’
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    I love hand made gifts thanks to my brother in law Brian @bqueencollection for making this rad one of a kind tobacco pipe. I don’t smoke but I’ll sure enjoy a puff or two with this bad boy. Merry Christmas

    I Love Hand Made Gifts Thanks To My Brother In Law Brian @bqueencollection For Making This Rad One Of A Kind Tobacco Pipe. I Don’t Smoke But I’ll Sure Enjoy A Puff Or Two With This Bad Boy. Merry Christmas
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    Busy day here a week before Christmas

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