Matheo Perez
M series
Aurora, Colorado, 80016, United States
Owner/Operator Silverback Body Design
Let’s just say I’m passionate and focused. Passionate about love, life, friends, job, and particularly fitness. I’m very independent and self sufficient; and I expect the same. Most people would call me a dominant personality; I call it confidence. I know what I want. I have very high expectations for myself and expect the same. I’m athletic, sane, and driven.I am a solitary person. Although I love being with friends; at the same time, I love being by myself. I love outdoor activities….racing, beaches, swimming, camping, hiking. My friends laugh that even though I’m well educated and intelligent, I will always bring the conversation back to fitness and talk about it for hours. To me life is what you make it…..either get busy dying or get busy living. I don’t relax well which means I don’t read many books, mostly the news and editorials. I ask questions, I analyze, I respond. I’m motivated by what’s inside me. Give it everything you have; strength responds to a need, not a desire. You must create that need; it won’t happen without effort. Friendship is everything to me. Very few people I considered friends, and even fewer close to me; Gain my respect and affection and you’ve gained someone who will lay down his life for you. I have a big heart and I’m very protective of those close to me. Passion often consumes me but it’s by far my strength. If there’s anything left that you wanna talk about, contact me. Make sure to include your social security number and mother’s maiden name for identification purpose haha jk. Peace and be kind to the guy next to you.