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    ExtremeTurboSystems13 hours ago

    Who needs a Cobb accessport? We've got deals on them now through the 26th!!!

    Who Needs A Cobb Accessport? We've Got Deals On Them Now Through The 26Th!!!
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    ExtremeTurboSystems13 hours ago

    @mivec_ix getting featured again cause we like the color on this Evo so much! Good looking IX.

    #TeamETS #ETSnation #ExtremeTurboSystems

    @mivec_Ix Getting Featured Again Cause We Like The Color On This Evo So Much! Good Looking Ix. #teamets #etsnation #extremeturbosystems
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    ExtremeTurboSystems2 days ago

    Parts are flying off the shelf as the sale gets closer to wrapping up! What is that offseason mod you've been waiting all summer for? Now is the time to jump on it!

    Parts Are Flying Off The Shelf As The Sale Gets Closer To Wrapping Up! What Is That Offseason Mod You've Been Waiting All Summer For? Now Is The Time To Jump On It!
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    ExtremeTurboSystems2 days ago

    @punisher_evox rocking a real clean ETS cooler

    @punisher_Evox Rocking A Real Clean Ets Cooler
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    ExtremeTurboSystems5 days ago

    @evo_culture_ featured a festive Evo X with our ETS front mount playing peakaboo

    @evo_Culture_ Featured A Festive Evo X With Our Ets Front Mount Playing Peakaboo
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    ExtremeTurboSystems6 days ago

    We got the Drag Evo 8 on the dyno today after last weekends passes!

    Red Dyno sheet = 1367whp/900ftlbs this was the same boost we trapped 190mph on.

    Blue Dyno Sheet = 1405whp/881.98ftlbs. This was a couple psi more than the 190 trap pass but the dyno was having a hard time keeping traction!

    ER Drag 2.0L Short block
    ER Spec GRP Aluminum Rods
    ER 1% Wiseco pistons (10:1 compression)
    GSC S3 Camshafts
    GSC Valves
    Kiggly High pressure Valve Springs
    ER Ported Head
    Magnus Dry Sump
    Magnus Intake Manifold
    Aeromotive mechanical fuel pump
    8 FIC 2150cc injectors

    PTE 7685 turbo
    ETS 6” Air To Air Intercooler
    ETS Forward Facing 42R frame turbo kit
    ETS Titanium Intercooler piping

    Bosch 82mm DBW Throttle body
    MOTEC M150 Ecu with John Reed Racing Evo 8/9 Package.
    MOTEC C127 Dash
    ER 16v Lipo battery setup
    SparkTech Ignition

    PPG Dogbox 1-4
    CAE H Pattern Shifter
    EXEDY carbon triple disc clutch
    DriveShaft shop Pro level rear axles
    DriveShaft shop front axles
    PST Carbon DriveShaft

    ALL Dyno pulls we’re done at over 70PSI of boost. NO 4G63’s were hurt today!

    We Got The Drag Evo 8 On The Dyno Today After Last Weekends Passes! Red Dyno Sheet = 1367Whp/900Ftlbs This Was The Same Boost We Trapped 190Mph On. Blue Dyno Sheet = 1405Whp/881.98Ftlbs. This Was A Couple Psi More Than The 190 Trap Pass But The Dyno Was H
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    ExtremeTurboSystems7 days ago

    @noahs_rs with the stealthy black anodized ETS intercooler

    @noahs_Rs With The Stealthy Black Anodized Ets Intercooler
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    ExtremeTurboSystems7 days ago

    The Extreme Turbo Systems FMIC is front and center on @jspec.sti STI. Looks fierce

    The Extreme Turbo Systems Fmic Is Front And Center On @jspec.sti Sti. Looks Fierce
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    ExtremeTurboSystems9 days ago

    Huge savings at during our Black November Sale! This is our biggest sale of the year!

    Huge Savings At Http:// During Our Black November Sale! This Is Our Biggest Sale Of The Year!
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    ExtremeTurboSystems10 days ago

    The important part is done

    The Important Part Is Done
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