Jay Boggess
Family, Friends, and a DSM
Automotive Technician (ASE MASTER Auto and Heavy Truck)
At an early age my love for cars started. Early in high school my best friend was given a 1971 Mustang. At that time the car was was only ten or so years old. We worked on that car for years restoring it with his father. It turned out nice... and fast for the day. But back in the day my attention was turned to the sleeker and turbocharged Merkur XR4TI. I was intrigued by the European design and enormous wing it sported. It was the car I fell in love with and to this day I would still love to have one. Anyway after High School I made my way into the military, got married and was shipped off to Germany. The tuning scene there was big! It was all small hot hatches and sedans. Most were either touring car or Group B rally inspired. I fell in love with the smaller,lighter, turbocharged crowd and dreamed of one day owning my own monster. The bad part was that I was a Private in the Army and had a family. No way I could afford much in the way of performance. I opted for the cheaper and more economical 1988 Chevy Sprint Turbo. (a car I wish I still had) It was light and fun. If I had known then what I know today though I would have waited and spent the extra dough on a Talon AWD. I kept that car for 11 years and sold it in 1998 for more than three times its book value. I kept that car immaculate! Over the next fifteen years or so I have owned and modified a variety of imports. I just could not seem to find the right platform until I finally purchased a Panda Talon TSI in early 2003. My first DSM, not running of course but I had learned a lot about cars and had it screaming in no time. Since then I have owned, rebuilt, and modified many cars from the DSM family. My latest project AWD EXCEL will be the last personal car that I do. I plan on sinking a lot into this car over the next five or ten years. It will be as unique and personal as possible. I will take it to the level of the Group B Rally cars that I first fell in love with as a kid but still have it street legal. People ask why a Hyundai but does it really matter? It is still a car and a passion. Anyone can get an EVO or WRX and slap bolt on parts on, tune it and have fun. This will be different.