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Can You Daily Drive A 2700WHP GTR? | ETS [TECH TALK] Pushing 3000HP at the crank and 2700WHP on a Dynojet Research Inc. AWD dyno @ 65 Psi of boost, the Extreme Turbo Systems & English Racing GTR is the fastest on the planet over the ½ mile at 255 MPH and the 2nd fastest on the ¼ running a blistering 6.88 @ 222 MPH, and JR gives us some insight into the work and knowledge that goes into making this happen. Depending on event requirements the Syvecs Ltd ECU controls the Injector Dynamics ID200 methanol fed VR38 which runs a 4.1 or 4.3 stroker kit, MAHLE pistons & Ferrea Racing Components within the Willall Racing Pty Ltd billet block which withstands the Precision Turbo & Engine 8385’s boost pressures via the aid of ETS’s own specific cylinder sealing techniques and air to water intercooler (not something you see often on a methanol build!). This interview is packed full of knowledge including boost vs thin air racing at altitude, why your engine builder is lying to you about a 1300HP+ GTR being cheap to drive on the street and why ½ mile racing isn’t double the strain on a car despite being double the distance of a ¼ mile race. Want to learn more about EFI tuning? Start here for free! - #learntotune #ets #englishracing #GTR #nissan #VR38 Dodson Motorsport ShepTrans #worldsfastest #alltheboost