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    Created a new Vehicle: The emperor !

    Euroqlassic's Modified 1997 Bmw 540I Base The Emperor !
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    Good article, the m3 is an impressive car that deserves attention and must be taken seriously by the competition.

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    Good article. Not a huge BMW fan but I will make exceptions for the M3.

    Leonel "Rico" Rincon aka lrinco0111/30/2012

    Awesome write-up! I met these two guys @ Mfest VI in Vegas, April 19th 2012 and i must admit they are very funny, bright, mature young men. i enjoyed every second spent with them and have grown to respect them for who they are and what they offer in there friendships. Can't wait to sit and sip some Arnold Palmers Next Mfest.

    Me and Jesse (IndigloM3) should do a write-up just like this and tell our story ;-)

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    Great words Leonel. We would love to hear more about both yours and Jesse's M3s!

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    i love these 2 cars...

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    I've always been a huge fan of the E46 M3. These cars are amazing!

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    What rockysds said +1

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    Awesome write-up. Very glad we were able to attend this event and shoot these two beasts!

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    Updated their Revvboard: Profile Pictures

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