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    Earning their Stripes.

    Earning Their Stripes.
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    Posted on EliteAutoSalon's HUD: New packaged sound solutions available for BMW, come see us to take care of your audio needs!

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    Throwback Thursday photo of our sound wall at our Powers shop! Anybody else remember this cool graphic we made?

    Throwback Thursday Photo Of Our Sound Wall At Our Powers Shop! Anybody Else Remember This Cool Graphic We Made?
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    VAT - Variable Light Transmission, How much light passes through the tint.

    Light Smoke - 45% VAT - Ideal for forward facing lighting. Subtle yet aggressive look for all lenses.
    Mid Smoke - 24% VAT - Would use on headlights with HID, LED, fog lights only. Reds will look dark cherry red when not illuminated.
    Dark Smoke - 12% VAT - Significant light drop for headlights. Red lenses look black when not illuminated. Perfect for that "Murdered Out" look.
    Stealth, Carbon, Metal Finishes - These textured finishes will diffuse and scatter light output on headlights/fog lights reducing their effectiveness.

    Choosing The Right Shade Vat - Variable Light Transmission, How Much Light Passes Through The Tint. Light Smoke - 45% Vat - Ideal For Forward Facing Lighting. Subtle Yet Aggressive Look For All Lenses. Mid Smoke - 24% Vat - Would Use On Headlights With Hi
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    EliteAutoSalon23 days ago

    Throwback Thursday photo to when we got to wrap this BMW M3 with a coloring book theme. It went to Fan Fest to be colored on and then raced up the Pikes Peak Hillclimb

    Throwback Thursday Photo To When We Got To Wrap This Bmw M3 With A Coloring Book Theme. It Went To Fan Fest To Be Colored On And Then Raced Up The Pikes Peak Hillclimb
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