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    DuramaxNation3 days ago

    Thanks Joey!

    2004 lly 287k miles stage 2 turbo, built rear end and built trans. 6" lift 35s on 22s. More coming just trying to get married!

    Thanks Joey! 2004 Lly 287K Miles Stage 2 Turbo, Built Rear End And Built Trans. 6" Lift 35S On 22S. More Coming Just Trying To Get Married!
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    DuramaxNation4 days ago

    Thanks Bobby!

    Thanks Bobby!
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    DuramaxNation4 days ago

    Thanks for sharing Jason! She's huge!

    66,000 mile 03' duramax, sas swapped, 49" IROKS, 20" lift, hyd-ram assist steering, 8 5150 Bilsteins to control the little bit of bounce down the road. Edge tuner, muffler free for the haters. Work in progress but my one of a kind.

    Thanks For Sharing Jason! She's Huge! 66,000 Mile 03' Duramax, Sas Swapped, 49" Iroks, 20" Lift, Hyd-Ram Assist Steering, 8 5150 Bilsteins To Control The Little Bit Of Bounce Down The Road. Edge Tuner, Muffler Free For The Haters. Work I
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    DuramaxNation5 days ago

    Gearing up for bow hunting Saturday here in Wisconsin!! I got this big ass Duramax out in the woods setting shit up.. there is nothing nimble about a lifted duramax Quad Cab Long Box

    Gearing Up For Bow Hunting Saturday Here In Wisconsin!! I Got This Big Ass Duramax Out In The Woods Setting Shit Up.. There Is Nothing Nimble About A Lifted Duramax Quad Cab Long Box
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    DuramaxNation7 days ago

    Frank's Texas rig!

    Frank's Texas Rig!
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    DuramaxNation8 days ago

    Felt like showing her off

    Felt Like Showing Her Off
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    DuramaxNation13 days ago

    Monica's '14!

    2014 gmc duramax, 6" suspension lift, 4" body lift, has been deleted and tuned, fass fuel system, 22x12" rockstars, 37/13.50/22 trail grapplers, fusion front and rear bumpers, 5" exhaust. I'm sure I'm missing stuff but that's the basics lol.

    Monica's '14! 2014 Gmc Duramax, 6" Suspension Lift, 4" Body Lift, Has Been Deleted And Tuned, Fass Fuel System, 22X12" Rockstars, 37/13.50/22 Trail Grapplers, Fusion Front And Rear Bumpers, 5" Exhaust. I'm Sure I'm Miss
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    DuramaxNation14 days ago

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