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    DuramaxNation29 minutes ago

    Tag the owner! I would love some more info!

    Tag The Owner! I Would Love Some More Info!
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    DuramaxNation5 hours ago

    This ought to piss some pavement princesses off!

    This Ought To Piss Some Pavement Princesses Off!
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    DuramaxNation23 hours ago

    Me: I gotta go get gas in my truck
    Them: you mean diesel??

    Me: I Gotta Go Get Gas In My Truck Them: You Mean Diesel?? Me:
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    DuramaxNation2 days ago

    So THAT is why I lost power earlier!

    So That Is Why I Lost Power Earlier!
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    DuramaxNation4 days ago

    Enter to WIN a SET of RBP Wheels when you purchase a Limited Edition shirt!! >>>

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    DuramaxNation5 days ago

    Fuller’s DMax!

    Fuller’s Dmax!
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    DuramaxNation5 days ago

    Sleeper Diesel Truck SMOKES Supercar on the Street! – 1200HP/2000TQ
    This beast literally smokes the competition! Today we feature Ivan's 2002 diesel powered Silverado, putting down an impressive 1200WHP/2000+ftlb. This truck is a true sleeper and eats supercars for...


    This Beast Literally Smokes The Competition! Today We Feature Ivan's 2002 Diesel Powered Silverado, Putting Down An Impressive 1200Whp/2000+Ftlb. This Truck Is A True Sleeper And Eats Supercars For...
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    DuramaxNation5 days ago

    Which tip ya taking?

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