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    DistrictSpeed58 minutes ago

    First production 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon rolls off assembly line
    What just might be the most hyped car of this century is nearly in customer hands. The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is now in production, and the first customer car has rolled off the assembly line. A spokesperson for Fiat Chrysler Automobile [NYSE: FCAU] confirmed to Motor Authority that the fir...


    What Just Might Be The Most Hyped Car Of This Century Is Nearly In Customer Hands. The 2018 Dodge Challenger Srt Demon Is Now In Production, And The First Customer Car Has Rolled Off The Assembly Line. A Spokesperson For Fiat Chrysler Automobile [Nyse: Fc
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    DistrictSpeedabout an hour ago

    Police Department in The Great State of Texas Seize 1,000 HP Corvette and Keep It
    You know what they say, kids, when it comes to crime, well, it never pays. This time, we take a unique look at a story in which a major drug bust would leave a 1000 hp Chevrolet Corvette in the hands of law enforcement and what they did with it might just stir up...


    You Know What They Say, Kids, When It Comes To Crime, Well, It Never Pays. This Time, We Take A Unique Look At A Story In Which A Major Drug Bust Would Leave A 1000 Hp Chevrolet Corvette In The Hands Of Law Enforcement And What They Did With It Might Just
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    DistrictSpeedabout an hour ago

    A beautiful shot of the 10 Koenigseggs on display in the Michelin corral at Exotics On Cannery Row by William Howard.

    A Beautiful Shot Of The 10 Koenigseggs On Display In The Michelin Corral At Exotics On Cannery Row By William Howard.
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    DistrictSpeed3 hours ago

    Would you jump in and drive it?

    Photo credit Carsnco

    Would You Jump In And Drive It? Photo Credit Carsnco
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    DistrictSpeed4 hours ago

    Cadillac's new ‘Beast’ presidential limousine for Donald Trump spied testing
    A new president was inaugurated this year, and soon he’ll have a new set of wheels to cruise around in. The prototype you see here isn’t for a new Cadillac flagship but rather the next presidential limousine of the United States. Yes, you’re looking at Donald Trump’s new Beas...


    A New President Was Inaugurated This Year, And Soon He’ll Have A New Set Of Wheels To Cruise Around In. The Prototype You See Here Isn’t For A New Cadillac Flagship But Rather The Next Presidential Limousine Of The United States. Yes, You&rsqu
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    DistrictSpeed5 hours ago

    The rare Porsche 930 Turbo Martini Edition in profile. So far the only known one of its kind in Malaysia.

    Photo credit AT903 Autography

    The Rare Porsche 930 Turbo Martini Edition In Profile. So Far The Only Known One Of Its Kind In Malaysia. Photo Credit At903 Autography
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    DistrictSpeed12 hours ago

    Country roads with your crew. #goldblooded #gRFam #goldblooded #hellbug #trumpventador #memories #teamsalamone #bugatti #lamborghini #ferrari

    Country Roads With Your Crew. #goldblooded #grfam #goldblooded #hellbug #trumpventador #memories #teamsalamone #bugatti #lamborghini #ferrari
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    DistrictSpeed18 hours ago

    A Crack the Size of your Fingernail Totaled this Corvette… But Why?
    Around the automotive water cooler, you most certainly hear some pretty crazy stories. There's really no telling what could happen in the world of cars, especially with so many different makes and models and different facets of the hobby to get into. This time, it just so happens that the crazy stor...


    Around The Automotive Water Cooler, You Most Certainly Hear Some Pretty Crazy Stories. There's Really No Telling What Could Happen In The World Of Cars, Especially With So Many Different Makes And Models And Different Facets Of The Hobby To Get Into. This
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    DistrictSpeed19 hours ago

    Beautiful Centenario roadster

    Photo credit IamTed7 Car Photography

    Beautiful Centenario Roadster Photo Credit Iamted7 Car Photography
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