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    Transformers just got a bit faster

    Transformers Just Got A Bit Faster
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    Super Rare Lamborghini Aventador S with a freshly installed Capristo exhaust! GMP Cars for all of your automotive needs including aftermarket, service, maintenance, repair, restoration and more. #gmpcars #lamborghini #aventador #aventadorsv #sanfrancisco #northbay

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    Can you name these Porsche colors?

    Photo by Barnet Photography

    Can You Name These Porsche Colors? Photo By Barnet Photography
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    Fender Exit Firebird On 30 Inch Rims Drag Racing?
    When it comes to going fast down the drag strip, it can be really easy to discount cars that have big chrome wheels on them. Not to judge a book by its cover, but most of the time they aren't running too quickly because, with that much wheel and that little rubber, odds are, if you don't...


    When It Comes To Going Fast Down The Drag Strip, It Can Be Really Easy To Discount Cars That Have Big Chrome Wheels On Them. Not To Judge A Book By Its Cover, But Most Of The Time They Aren't Running Too Quickly Because, With That Much Wheel And That Litt
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    Dude jumps his Chevrolet Camaro SS Over Railroad Crossing and Crashes!
    We aren't really sure how some people manage to get their hands on a driver's license, but continued stupidity like this really makes us wonder. Time after time, performance cars are thrown to the wolves in a sense as drivers who have no clue what they're doing. It looks like the owner of this...


    We Aren't Really Sure How Some People Manage To Get Their Hands On A Driver's License, But Continued Stupidity Like This Really Makes Us Wonder. Time After Time, Performance Cars Are Thrown To The Wolves In A Sense As Drivers Who Have No Clue What They're
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    Aaron Kaufman Parts Ways With Gas Monkey Garage – Catch Tonight’s Season Premiere
    When you think Gas Monkey Garage, you think of the two guys who were at the head of the operation in Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings, but not too long ago, Aaron had announced that he would be parting ways with the shop, for what, we're not exactly sure yet. When the news was...


    When You Think Gas Monkey Garage, You Think Of The Two Guys Who Were At The Head Of The Operation In Aaron Kaufman And Richard Rawlings, But Not Too Long Ago, Aaron Had Announced That He Would Be Parting Ways With The Shop, For What, We're Not Exactly Sur
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    Train Crashes into a Fed Ex SEMI Truck! That is Where Your Missing Packages Went!
    Well, if you're a racer in Utah and you're waiting on parts that suddenly show "delayed" by FedEx, we have the reason why. It would seem the crossing gates on this railroad crossing failed, but instead of their designed failsafe – to drop into the closed position – they remained up. This FedEx h...


    Well, If You're A Racer In Utah And You're Waiting On Parts That Suddenly Show "delayed" By Fedex, We Have The Reason Why. It Would Seem The Crossing Gates On This Railroad Crossing Failed, But Instead Of Their Designed Failsafe –
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