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    Posted on DavidKern's HUD: We had to retire ☹. Custom drive shaft was damaged badly in stage 2, don't have parts to repair. We think we injured it hitting big rocks earlier in stage, and when we hit 100+ on some long straights it failed. I had a bit of a "timo moment" when it did. --Allison

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    Posted on DavidKern's HUD: Rupert posting pics reminded me of one of my fav videos of David, created by acclaimed film-maker Grant H. Who is such a recluse due to recent fame he is no longer on FB. --Allison

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    At long last the M3 track car finally saw the track yesterday. Successful first test at HPR as the car went out for 7 or 8 sets of laps & it drove onto the trailer at the end of the day.

    At Long Last The M3 Track Car Finally Saw The Track Yesterday. Successful First Test At Hpr As The Car Went Out For 7 Or 8 Sets Of Laps & It Drove Onto The Trailer At The End Of The Day.
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    I'm spring-cleaning and found this cool pic of David I've never seen before in the 2015 official #ppihc race program. #turbobygarrett #garrettbyhoneywell

    I'm Spring-Cleaning And Found This Cool Pic Of David I've Never Seen Before In The 2015 Official #ppihc Race Program. #turbobygarrett #garrettbyhoneywell
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    Added a gurney flap to the wing & trimmed up the lower edge of the bumper so it isn't doubling as a parachute. Hooray for $5 mods! #evo #rally #hillclimb #chca #racekern

    Added A Gurney Flap To The Wing & Trimmed Up The Lower Edge Of The Bumper So It Isn't Doubling As A Parachute. Hooray For $5 Mods! #evo #rally #hillclimb #chca #racekern
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    Whipped up some 2-piece fender liners to help seal things up so the easy exit for air is out the hood. Even remembered to make a spare set so I have templates. #evo #rally #hillclimb #chca #racekern

    Whipped Up Some 2-Piece Fender Liners To Help Seal Things Up So The Easy Exit For Air Is Out The Hood. Even Remembered To Make A Spare Set So I Have Templates. #evo #rally #hillclimb #chca #racekern
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