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    Colorado Mascot Shoots Himself In The Balls After Accidentally Facing T-Shirt Cannon Wrong Way (VIDEO)
    Colorado easily handled New Hampshire on Saturday, 45-14, but its mascot, Chip, suffered one of the more serious injuries of the day. Standing behind the end zone, the mascot appeared to get ready to shoot a T-shirt cannon. But the cannon seemed to malfunction and backfire into the mascot’s midsec...


    Colorado Easily Handled New Hampshire On Saturday, 45-14, But Its Mascot, Chip, Suffered One Of The More Serious Injuries Of The Day. Standing Behind The End Zone, The Mascot Appeared To Get Ready To Shoot A T-Shirt Cannon. But The Cannon Seemed To Malfun
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    Changing the oil in a Bugatti Veyron isn't cheap

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    The 919 Hybrid Evo sets a new all-time record lap at the Nürburgring, “Nordschleife”.
    Watch the complete on-board record lap below.

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    The Mitsubishi Evo Is Officially Making a Comeback
    But not as a Lancer sedan.


    But Not As A Lancer Sedan.
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    Colorado's largest annual Subaru enthusiast event - September 10, 2017 - Rocky Mountain Subaru Festival 2017
    The Rocky Mountain Subaru Festival is an annual enthusiast event with tons of vendors, car show, autocross, activities for dogs, and more!


    The Rocky Mountain Subaru Festival Is An Annual Enthusiast Event With Tons Of Vendors, Car Show, Autocross, Activities For Dogs, And More!
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    Someone has actually 2JZ swapped a Lamborghini Gallardo

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    That went well

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    CU Sport Car Club (CUSCC)
    ✔ Verified Official Account. Gear heads unite under one unique club. CUSCC, "all or nothing"
    Gear Shop:

    by CU Sport Car Club (CUSCC)

    ✔ Verified Official Account. Gear Heads Unite Under One Unique Club. Cuscc, "all Or Nothing" Gear Shop: Http://
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