Colin Royston
Colorado School of Mines
Castle View
I'm somewhat obsessed with the rotary engine after I rebuilt the one out of my 93 FD. Aside from that I'm just a typical enthusiast, I love hearing about how people have modded their rides and enjoy working on just about anything related to cars. I'm also a mildly avid snowboarder.
Student, KFC packer
I'm from Elizabeth, Colorado which is a small town out towards the plains. I grew up watching my dad fix our family vehicles and helping with maintenance on occasion. My first car which I still own and work on is a 1993 RX-7 touring with some light mods and a performance rebuild. I drive an 08 Subaru Impreza 2.5 Hatch just as a daily driver. Eventually I will sell it and pick up a Mzadaspeed3 as my next modding project.
Facebook: Colin Royston