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    CordesPerformance8 hours ago

    More tanks completed and some in production!
    C7z, 6th gen front bumper, and trackhawk pictured. Off to coaters now.

    More Tanks Completed And Some In Production! C7Z, 6Th Gen Front Bumper, And Trackhawk Pictured. Off To Coaters Now.
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    CordesPerformance20 hours ago

    Hold onto your butts! First v3 with an f1x is ready to make some steam! Lots of in-house fab work on this one and a custom trunk tank.
    Lme built motor
    CPR low side fuel system
    Prospeed port injection
    CPR spec cam
    Circle d converter
    Dss axles and driveshaft
    Carlyle 15" conversion
    Lme manifold
    Kooks longtubes
    CPR A2w system
    Alky control meth kit

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    CordesPerformance1 day ago

    Getting caught back up on inventory! Making 6th gen front bumper tanks right now, and Z tanks and trackhawk about to hit coaters.

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    CordesPerformance2 days ago

    next episode is up! launching the trackhawk and our C5 on the dyno :) make sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date on everything.

    Next Episode Is Up! Launching The Trackhawk And Our C5 On The Dyno :) Make Sure To Hit Subscribe To Stay Up To Date On Everything. Https://
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    CordesPerformance5 days ago

    Registration opens tomorrow for @omegamotorsport no fly zone! CPR customers make sure to register early to ensure your spot for this event which is a one day only. In typical CPR fashion we will be showing off many new builds and helping our clients achieve new personal best. This event is so fun to experience and with the ability to give rides it's one unlike any other. Go to omegamotorsport. Com to get signed up!

    Registration Opens Tomorrow For @omegamotorsport No Fly Zone! Cpr Customers Make Sure To Register Early To Ensure Your Spot For This Event Which Is A One Day Only. In Typical Cpr Fashion We Will Be Showing Off Many New Builds And Helping Our Clients Achie
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    CordesPerformance6 days ago

    Employee daily driver dyno time! Manual corolla

    Employee Daily Driver Dyno Time! Manual Corolla
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    CordesPerformance8 days ago

    Well she's ready for @omegamotorsport and @streetcartakeover! No numbers though

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