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    Great job, Juice!

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    Awesome shots man, great coverage all around. Looks like this event was top notch with that turn out

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    Nice pics Coop, looks like it was a fun event. Sick Subies too! Did you buy a E Hookah? Haha

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    Great Lifestyle video!! Thanks for sharing this. Cant wait to see more.

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    interesting find, def will be watching these vids over the weekend.

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    Yeah it definitely is an interesting find.. I think we'll start to see a trend more towards these style social "entertainment documentaries".

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    Nice writeup Brian. Awesome video too. I love how outlandish and ridiculous the bousou style is. It's completely over the top, and does anyone care? Hell no. Nothing gets attention more than loud bright machines hauling ass on Japan's highways. I can dig it. Not sure it'd take off here, all though I did see quite a bit of neon and accent lighting at HIN. OG Fast and the Furious anyone?

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    While I'm not sure I agree with the actual style or the "gangster" behind it, I understand it.. and the potential impact it could have. If I could sum it up, it's a person's style and they do what they do. And I can respect that


    the before and after curb weight would be very close. The 13B with all the turbo parts added weighs the same as the LS all aluminium engine and to counter the extra weight of the aftermarket turbo you can easily swap to a lightweight battery and throw it behind the seats thus preserving a near 50/50 distribution same as the factory 13B setup in the chassis.

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    would be cool to know the before and after swap curb weight of that FD and how it changed the weight dist.

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    Now tha is one insane FD!

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    Replied to the Forum Thread: Spring rates...

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    Good article, the m3 is an impressive car that deserves attention and must be taken seriously by the competition.

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    Good article. Not a huge BMW fan but I will make exceptions for the M3.

    Leonel "Rico" Rincon aka lrinco0111/30/2012

    Awesome write-up! I met these two guys @ Mfest VI in Vegas, April 19th 2012 and i must admit they are very funny, bright, mature young men. i enjoyed every second spent with them and have grown to respect them for who they are and what they offer in there friendships. Can't wait to sit and sip some Arnold Palmers Next Mfest.

    Me and Jesse (IndigloM3) should do a write-up just like this and tell our story ;-)

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    Great words Leonel. We would love to hear more about both yours and Jesse's M3s!

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    i love these 2 cars...

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    I've always been a huge fan of the E46 M3. These cars are amazing!

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    What rockysds said +1

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    Awesome write-up. Very glad we were able to attend this event and shoot these two beasts!

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    Posted on Car6on14's HUD: SharkGT posted a 5 Star Rating for Silvia

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    Post on Car6on14's HUD: Congratulations! ROCKYSDS has selected Silvia as winner of the Ultimate Show-Down!

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    Post on Car6on14's HUD: More pics!!

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    Thank you! I've posted all my current upgrades in my garage


    hi, can you recommend a powder coating comapny in colorado for my wheels and calipers? I would like a teflon flat black coat thanks, Eli

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    When I tried going back to Applied Plastic Coatings in Wheat Ridge... they didn't offer me as good of a deal that they did the first time. Although... they did do a great job on my purple wheels. So it's worth a shot.

    If you're still searching, you can use this thread as a reference.

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    Post on Car6on14's HUD: Check out the Get Acquainted Guide to get Started!


    wow i love it how old is it


    hi, can you recommend a powder coating comapny in colorado for my wheels and calipers? I would like a teflon flat black coat thanks, Eli

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