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Remember the Conquest from the other day? They threw together a video as well! Check it out

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The X kit comes STANDARD with 3.5″ Downpipes, 4″ Aluminum Intakes, 4″ Turbo inlets, and Alpha X Spec Turbos with Billet Compressor Wheels which produce in excess of 1900 WHP! The competition can’t compete on the street or the track. Click the link for more information...

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what would you do if a shop did this to your car?

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Forgotten 1969 Daytona and Hemi Cuda Pulled Out of a Mobile Home If we're talking about vehicles that you would classify as barn finds, there are many interesting stories that go alongside these types of vehicle. Sure, the act in and of itself where someone is uncovering a piece of history that has just been sitting in one place, hidden from the rest of humanity,... Link: