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    Unregistered6 months ago

    Commented on BHRP's Article: #RevvProjectBRZ SLVA Widebody: The Process

    chris6 months ago

    did you not weld the rear panel back up ???????



    Drxlcarfreak's Profile Image

    This is looking pretty awesome! Is that tiger hair being applied at the joint to the body?

    Imprezions's Profile Image

    Nice write up, definitely gives some clarity into the black magic that is bodywork. I'll keep saying it, I can't wait until this build is complete!

    Rockysds's Profile Image

    The anticipation is killing me. I can't wait until this project is complete


    Commented on BHRP's Article: Tearing Down and Assessing the FA20 & 4U-GSE

    Matthew Dylla8/13/2019

    So I'm planning on getting a 2017 86, have they changed anything that wasn't outlined here? I don't know if I'll go the turbo route but I do want somewhere around 240-280 HP to deal with the inclines where I live in Utah so I really love the information you guys have here. I'm tracking on the rods, return springs, and possibly the fuel pump and cooling system so far. If I missed anything please let me know while I try and catch up to 2019, but already really impressed with what was to my understanding a sort of begrudgingly co-op engine and car.


    How did I never know about this website?!?! WOW, amazing photos and very in-depth technical approach. *Saved*


    Do you know what the stock rod/stroke ratio is? And with Crawfords adjustments?


    did you get a weight for the engine?

    Bhrp's Profile Image

    We did not get a weight for the engine... assume you're looking for stock?

    Drxlcarfreak's Profile Image

    Nice write up! Can wait to see the build up.


    Doesn't the 2 waste gates cause disruption of the exhausts gas before the turbo?
    They look aquward in a way hindering flow to some small extent gotta be another way about this maybe.
    Even one waste gate seems like it could hinder exaugh quality becouse of the way it forks off to the side. Let me know what you all think.

    Rockysds's Profile Image

    Not yet Theo! Soon... Such great work by Jon Vigil and the ar design team


    The build is looking fantastic! Have you guys posted a video anywhere so we can hear the sound?


    What was the reason behind the pistons running into the valves?

    Phil Fosdyck6/14/2015

    On that rear shot of the car, is that the PBM diff riser installed, or just new diff bushings?


    I need to find who make non turbo race camshafts for the fa20


    What an informative article! I'm not ready to do my first rebuild yet, but with articles like this I' sure getting closer! Thank you!

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    It's awesome seeing a Boxer engine cracked open like this. 18K miles and the thing still looks brand new! The service manual was a nice touch haha.


    Commented on BHRP's Article: Built to Track: LS1-Swapped Nissan 350Z


    Does the speedometer work almost like normal and if so what wiring harness did you for so that wouldn't look chop up where the cluster are


    Such awesome paint jobs... I am pretty sure any of those blues who look great in the garage!

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    would** my b.


    Such awesome paint jobs... I am pretty sure any of those blues who look great in the garage!

    Fwifey's Profile Image

    would** my b.

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