Rick Jensen
Spooling up
Turbo Regals
Oshkosh, Nebraska, United States
Oshkosh, NE
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Garden County High School
Drag racing, road racing, car shows, road trips, car audio installation, travel, boxing, college football, doing touch-and-gos in a crosswind, watching an ECU expert tune then learning just enough to be dangerous, feeding the Buick C16, then doing high-boost launches to make my kid laugh
Automotive writer
2001-2004: editor for 4 Primedia car magazines
2004-2008: editor in chief of GM High-Tech Performance
2008-2011: editor in chief of's AutoTrader Classics magazines
2011-present: copywriter at NYC ad agencies for Merce
Rick's a Turbo Buick and EFI GM nut who was born in Nebraska, then reborn on the mean streets of Queens, NYC. Spent high school and college wrenching and racing before moving to NYC and spending 13 years as the editor-in-chief, editor, and writer for some of America's best automotive magazines, websites, and ad agencies.
Favorite moments include running low 10s in my Turbo Buick, Exposing GM's weak-assed early CTS-V drivetrains, road racing Corvettes and Camaros, and doing high-boost launches to make my kid laugh.