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    Just made 503whp and 443wtq in this bad boy

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    Good looking Wagon and fresh picture

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    One more comment and you're the most popular rivet on the site, oh wait, done and done (:

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    i know i should be focusing on the car... but where is this awesome place?!

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    Sick shot man!

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    oldy but a goody

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    Selected Grumpyjap as the winner of the Ultimate Show-Down


    large amount of gayness


    so much sweg!!!


    The amount of swag your car has is off the meter!!

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    Love your car (I have a '13 Skyactiv Mazda3; needed at least one car that gets great gas mileage!) and the stormtrooper treatment.

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    Art work...

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    So many amazing shots from the team! Truly great work out there guys. After a little R&R we're already ready for 2014, it's going to be huge.

    John Spooner7/5/2013

    Maybe Audi will try there hand again or maybe Volkswagen both are running in Le,Mans or the WRC , though they do not have the services of Loeb who with out doubt is one of the greatest driver other there. how ever they do have his former team mate S├ębastien Ogier who as proven to be as quick as Leob but tends to have big moments he is also well on the way to taking this years WRC championship , so maybe those German marks could make something. One of the biggest issues from most people here viewing over the feed was the poor TV coverage yes I was glad just to be able to see the event a first for me other than the classic Vids from the 80,s . you need more of everything some of the Camara work was poor & there was far to much talking & no action I think we all understand it not esay to run cable all over a mountain just for one event . Maybe you could look into the types of equipment use by the like of the Tour - de - France this all seems to work in the mountains though in a much slower event . No it all come down to having a bigger buget something thats hard to find in this day & age , I am sure with the right backing like a bigger inverstment from the like of Redbull this event could work on a world stage & in doing so would attract a bigger buget field wanting to show off there products. I wish you all the best for the future & hope that its is show all over the world next year even without the the likes of Audi.

    Dominic Lim7/4/2013

    How I wish I could have been there! Such good sceneries, thrills and excitement and most importantly you guys did a damn good job. Awesome just awesome! Keep up the good work btw the write up was fantastic. Hope those sponsors/manufacturers like Audi, Ford anf Chevrolet comes in. Will try to plan trip there next year!

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    The event was awesome!! Can't wait for TX2K14!

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    I am surprised to see a Cobra Mustang take home the title for most powerful this year. I usually read about some insane Supra made dyno queen.

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    What a monster; love it


    Not to be nitpicky on an old article, but your statement that the transmission is shared with the Veyorn is wholly incorrect. The Veyron uses a Ricardo twin clutch 7 speed transmission. This has a traditional, single clutch Ricardo six speed.

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    At the Phoenix campus of UTI, Nicolas Cage donated a Ford GT to us. My friend Pete was lucky enough to be chosen to dyno the bad boy. At almost 570whp, our class was astonished. But this GT... It's just purely remarkable.

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    Nicolas Cage, another American Icon haha

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    Got to meet this guy and his car several years ago when I took part in the Forum Wars. Here is his episode...

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    Insane, just purely insane. Rocky is right, it does define America haha.


    before reading the article, i didn't know how awesome swirl pots were, or even what they were.

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    Badass all around car. Only a 10.2 at over 1,000hp (A 10 second street car is still awesome!)? Granted it wasn't built for the 1320, but with all the money that went into the car, I would have tried to get a bit better traction with wider wheels, boost by gear, some kind of traction control system or something I haven't thought of. It doesn't detract from the awesomeness of the car, but it is so close to a 9 second street car, and obviously has the power to run 9s that it is almost sacrilegious not to!

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    When he ran the 10.2 he was on "slippery Hoosier R6's". Now he's running Mickey Thompson ET Street II's and plans on dipping well into the 9's next time around

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    Good deal!


    What is the top speed of this car ?

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    With enough space it's geared from the factory to do 265

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    This car IS America! Great article, great shots. Love the mullet!

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    "You have to appreciate this type of allegiance to the mullet lifestyle" Classic

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    Such an awesome line!


    Man, he must have an awesome wife, for her to put up with him and his love of cars!!!

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