David Wright
Phoenix, Arizona
International Institute of the Americas(IIA)
Moon Valley High School
I'm into cars, computers, video games, movies, walking, building models, going on road trips.
Security Officer at Allied Barton Security Services
Let's see, I'm in my early 40's, I have lived in Arizona pretty much my whole life. I did live with my dad and step-mother for 2 years when they were living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I joined the United States Navy on October 10, 1996. I was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii for 11 months, then homeport shifted to Yokosuka, Japan where I stayed there for 2 years. I got out of the Navy on July 9, 2000. I was officially discharged from the Navy on October 10, 2004. I have a younger sister that lives in Tuscon, Arizona.
I used to be a member of a car club called Control Chaos Car Club back in 2010. I left the car club because the founder/president of the club was a douchebag. He and the vice-president of the club, who was also an asshole, knew that I did not have the fastest or most powerful car of the club, and yet these two dipshits always insisted on leaving my ass in the dust whenever we traveled somewhere. The founder/president of the club also had a notion that his 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS, which he spent about $30,000 on rebuilding the engine was the best car of the club, and that it was the best car of any car that was at the weekly meets that were held. The engine of the car looked good, too bad the rest of the car was an absolute piece of shit. I was so happy when I left that douchebag's stupid car club.