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    Imprezions's Profile Image

    This car is going to be insane. I can't wait until everything is finished!

    Rockysds's Profile Image

    Another great piece Randy! I truly hope to continue all the Rally-America coverage because these shots are so epic

    chris2 months ago

    did you not weld the rear panel back up ???????

    ThomasMore4 months ago


    Drxlcarfreak's Profile Image

    This is looking pretty awesome! Is that tiger hair being applied at the joint to the body?

    Imprezions's Profile Image

    Nice write up, definitely gives some clarity into the black magic that is bodywork. I'll keep saying it, I can't wait until this build is complete!

    Rockysds's Profile Image

    The anticipation is killing me. I can't wait until this project is complete

    Jack Hawkins4/4/2014

    Good luck. You will need bundles of it . This town does not support motorsports! I've looked at your videos. Great for participants, but not a spectator sport. Sure not in Colorado Springs. Local newspaper says up to 4000 spectators. Count on
    a few dozen, if the weather is great. I've followed auto racing of every sort around the world for 65 years. This one is misplaced!

    Teamrevvolution's Profile Image

    Jack, thank you for your concerns. We (the organizers) have been fortunate to gain the support from both the PPIHC and the city of Colorado Springs. Although perceptually, it may seem that Colorado Springs doesn't support automotive events, we are working hard to change that. In addition to the tens of thousands of people that fly into the region to watch the Hill Climb, we expect Airstrip Attack to contribute to that overall figure. It's not coincidence that some of the best hotels in the area are almost sold out and are in full support of Speedweek. We will continue to develop relationships with the local community and work hard to provide the best event possible, for both participants and for spectators.

    Joshua Miller6/27/2014

    You're absolutely right, TeamRevvolution. Sadly the Springs has a bad history with street racing and the community itself is ofcourse wary. But what you are doing and bringing to them is certainly going to impact the locals opinions. Hopefully this event gains nothing but positive traction! I look forward to coming and seeing this even myself, along with all the auto enthusiasts from the Denver area!

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