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Shane Ashley has one clean Silverado!

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Devin and Boostin Performance has had one heck of a weekend battling the typical racecar woes that accompany any event. Thankfully Devin, the Red Demon, AND the team were not willing to give up and they kept at it, taking this car FAR past their expectations. Moving from blowing up a turbo the night before, to SHATTERING the world record, this MONSTER DSM took it’s rage to the drag strip of Royal Purple Raceway to go round after round in the stick shift class of Tx2k 2018!

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Clearly someone is ready for the weekend!!!

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An exclusive look at The Stig’s brand new book! Take a look at the book’s cool artwork, penned by sisters Kanako and Yuzuru Link:

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GMG Racing technicians have years of specialized hands-on training and experience working with Ferraris. The Italian automobile manufacturer has a very special place to GMG. The passion and enthusiasm shared by the staff at GMG for the brand is second to none offering factory service on all modern Ferrari automobiles. Utilizing the latest in factory procedures to ensure your investment is sound for years to come. This is why GMG services Ferrari's from all over the west coast and not just Southern California.

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