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Tag somebody who would get WHOOPED by this! Owner: Jamarl

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Daddy Dave doing work in Goliath on the Street! Which street outlaws car is your favorite?

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The Chrysler Beancounters Forgot To Defang The '71 Hemi Challenger In the early 70s, with legislation and oil prices meaning that cars had to get much better fuel economy, muscle cars the world over started to get less and less powerful. Even the king of the hill Challenger saw its power numbers deflate, save for the Hemi that is in this 1971 Challenger. This beast... Link:

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Added an Image to their Revvboard: Wall Pictures

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@doogie84 SS is back in Washington now. This car is without a doubt one of my favorite to drive. Which one of his rides we built for him has been your favorite? The C7, V wagon, pre runner truck, the SS, or his dad's wagon? Comment below!

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Some MACarbon Fiber goodies coming to a Porsche 997 GT3 near you ! . . . #MACarbon #CarbonFiber #Porsche #GT3 #Outlaw

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Now see what you made us do. goldRush Rally There can only be one #1 and there is two more where this came from. Sorry, Not Sorry.