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Abandoned Collection of 36 Corvettes is a Real Life Treasure Worth Millions To the untrained eye, even if you were to stumble across a collection of a ton of Corvettes, 36 to be exact, it might be pretty neat to see you and maybe you can see some sort of value in it but with this Corvette collection, in particular, it's worth is pretty astounding beyond... Link:

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The Chrysler Beancounters Forgot To Defang The '71 Hemi Challenger In the early 70s, with legislation and oil prices meaning that cars had to get much better fuel economy, muscle cars the world over started to get less and less powerful. Even the king of the hill Challenger saw its power numbers deflate, save for the Hemi that is in this 1971 Challenger. This beast... Link:

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Added an Image to their Revvboard: Wall Pictures

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$581 Shipped for a complete Drag pack with FREE LUGS!? You read it right! (Set of 4 wheels) Camaro and Mustang fitments available! Order now! The sale ends November 27th Click To Order---->

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A little underbody shot of an Invidia CatBack installed on this brand new Subaru STi! . . . #Invidia #Subaru #Exhaust #CatBack #AWDArmy #TeamHG #LoudNoises #HGPerformance

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Time is running out! Join us on Fuel Run Midnight Run November 30th to December 2nd . everything is covered! Just come and drive!