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Posted on TeamRevvolution's HUD: Pikes Peak is always one of the toughest events of the year for my team to cover. This year was just as challenging…

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Flashback Friday: Mike Harmon’s Devastating 2002 Bristol Crash There are a few moments in your life when you see something so completely miraculous that you can’t help but remember it in vivid detail for years. Mike Harmon provided one of those moments for me fifteen years ago, and the video still chills me to the core every time I see it. Harmon... Link:

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The Chrysler Beancounters Forgot To Defang The '71 Hemi Challenger In the early 70s, with legislation and oil prices meaning that cars had to get much better fuel economy, muscle cars the world over started to get less and less powerful. Even the king of the hill Challenger saw its power numbers deflate, save for the Hemi that is in this 1971 Challenger. This beast... Link:

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Added an Image to their Revvboard: Wall Pictures

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@_joshua_az_ monster zl1 we built for him. Featuring a lot of CPR in house made products. CPR 5" cold air intake CPR 2.5 gallon front bumper expansion/ice tank CPR low side fuel system It also has a @kongperform cnc ported blower, @latemodelengines cnc ported heads, CPR spec cam, kooks longtubes, Iw lower, CPR upper pulley, nw 103 tb, alky control meth kit, @dsx.tuning flex fuel kit, nx billet lid (zero nitrous on this car. This lid just sounds so badass is why) 792/791 through the auto! Looking to purchase any of these items or have us build your lt4 car give us a call or shoot us an email. 480-359-5914 Make sure to follow us on YouTube too!

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Vagon anyone?

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It's always nice to spot cars that have come through the shop out in the world! . . . #TeamHG #HGPerformance #HeinzGietzAutohaus #CarsAndCoffee #RanchoSantaFe #RanchoSantaFeCarsAndCoffee

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