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    They Swap Superchargers EVERY DAY to Survive! - 1320Video
    If They Didn’t Have Bad Luck – They May Not Have Any At All! Royce Payton and his 1965 screw blown Ford Mustang are always turning heads at events the … Read More


    If They Didn’t Have Bad Luck – They May Not Have Any At All! Royce Payton And His 1965 Screw Blown Ford Mustang Are Always Turning Heads At Events The … Read More
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    1320video3 days ago

    It even has twin turbos...

    It Even Has Twin Turbos...
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    1320video3 days ago

    We might need to step up our golf cart game! This thing hauls! Check out the crazy carts they got over at Caddyshack Golf Carts & Art Gallery!

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    We all like to go to “Mexico” every once in a while… sometimes it doesn’t take longer than a few seconds!

    We All Like To Go To “mexico” Every Once In A While… Sometimes It Doesn’t Take Longer Than A Few Seconds!
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    101 Car Guy Things To Do Bucket List - Out of the Sept 2009 issue of Hot Rod Magazine

    How many can you check off the list? What would you add to this list that you've done?

    1. Drive a Funny Car
    2. Attend The Goodwood Festival of Speed
    3. Race at Bonneville
    4. Drive a Sprint Car
    5. Enter a Demolition Derby
    6. Race The Baja 1000
    7. Race at The Silver State Classic Challenge
    8. Ride as a Navigator in a SCCA Pro Rally Car
    9. Compete in a Wheel to Wheel Road Race
    10. Attend the U.S. Nationals
    11. Build your own Engine
    12. Crew on a Race Team
    13. Race a Shifter Cart
    14. Go to The Daytona 500
    15. Attend the 24 Hours of Lemans
    16. Race in the 24 Hours of Lemons
    17. Go to Gravelrama
    18. Go Ice Racing on a Frozen Lake
    19. Learn to Operate a Welder
    20. Drive a Jet Car
    21. Throw the Rods out of the Oil Pan
    22. Attend the March Meet
    23. Own Something with a Lenco in it
    24. Attend the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
    25. Run Flat Out at El Mirage
    26. Long-Haul The Power Tour
    27. Compete at Drag Week
    28. Attend La Carrera Panamericana
    29. See the Detroit Autorama
    30. Tour The Henry Ford Museum
    31. Attend The Woodward Dream Cruise
    32. Road Trip to Bike Week at Sturgis
    33. Bid at B-J Scottsdale
    34. Check out The Garlits’ Museum of Drag Racing
    35. Cruise Route 66
    36. Attend the Car Craft Summer Nationals
    37. Go to Eldora Speedway
    38. Attend The Turkey Rod Run in Daytona
    39. Race at Maxton
    40. Hit The Museum of American Speed
    41. Install a Lift in Your Home Shop
    42. Attend The Grand National Roadster Show
    43. Own Something with an 8-71 attached to it.
    44. Drive a Modified Class Pulling Tractor
    45. Do MOAB
    46. Drive a Wheelstander
    47. Restore a Muscle Car
    48. Chop Up a Muscle Car
    49. Paint Your Car Yourself
    50. Attend The Swamp Buggy Races in Naples, Florida
    51. Race an Aussie V8 Superboat
    52. Attend The Bathurst 1000
    53. See an F1 Race in Monaco
    54. Build a V8 Chainsaw
    55. Compete in The Rollover Contest at Riverhead Raceway in N.Y.
    56. Stand Between Fuelers at The Starting Line
    57. Throw The Green Flag at a NASCAR Race
    58. Teach a Kid to Build a Carb
    59. Go to The Gasser Reunion
    60. Compete in The World Power Wheelstanding Championships at Byron Dragway
    61. Attend The NSRA Nationals
    62. Attend The World Street Nationals, Orlando
    63. Buy Stuff at Hershey, PA Swap Meet (Carlisle)
    64. Win a Drag Race
    65. Help Another Car-Guy at The Side of The Road
    66. Lap The Nurburgring
    67. Watch: Vanishing Point, Two-Lane Blacktop and Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry
    68. Hear John Force Speak in Person
    69. Pomona Swapmeet
    70. Drive Five Italian Supercars in Italy
    71. Run Moonshine
    72. Tour Leno’s Collection
    73. Go 200 MPH at Continental Tires Texas Test Track
    74. Go to a Race Car Driving School
    75. Drive The Tail of The Dragon in NC
    76. Drive The Blue Ridge Parkway
    77. Lead East-Total 50’s Immersion
    78. Attend The AMC Nationals
    79. Drag-Race Your Parents Car at Grudge Match Night
    80. Install a Brake Light Cutout
    81. Attend Sebring Infield Party
    82. Drive on The Beach at Daytona
    83. Sit in The Snake Pit at The Indy 500
    84. Wash Car Parts in The Dishwasher
    85. Own a Car With Flamethrowers
    86. Ride in a Rumble Seat
    87. Make Whoopee in a Car
    88. Name a Car You Own
    89. Put Out a Carburetor Fire
    90. Go to Bristol 400
    91. Go to a Truck and Tractor Pull
    92. Participate in a Figure Eight Chain Race
    93. Experience Turbo Lag
    94. Perfect The Parking Brake J-Turn
    94. Do An Autocross
    96. Get Your Car in a Magazine
    97. Do The Rubicon Trail
    98. Attend Targa Newfoundland
    99. Attend The SEMA Show
    100. Discover and Buy a Barn Find
    101. Attend The Reno Air Races

    101 Car Guy Things To Do Bucket List - Out Of The Sept 2009 Issue Of Hot Rod Magazine How Many Can You Check Off The List? What Would You Add To This List That You've Done? 1. Drive A Funny Car 2. Attend The Goodwood Festival Of Speed 3. Race At Bonnevill
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    1320video3 days ago

    Alex Saint's GSXR1000 powered 1971 Honda n600 burnout haha! This thing is so awesome! IG: @brokenleg2013

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    1320video3 days ago

    Digs or Rolls?

    Digs Or Rolls?
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    1320video3 days ago

    Built LSA Supercharged 1LE Camaro SS vs Full Bolton Built 3.4 whipple GT500 on 93 octane

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