NISSAN 240SX (S14)

The second generation S14 was also the last 240sx model sold in the United States, with a production run from 1995-1998. It was now only available as a coupe in three trim levels: base, SE and LE. The latter two were upgraded to 5-lug, 16” wheels, a stiffer suspension, rear sway bar and could be had with a viscous LSD and anti-lock brakes. While the powertrain remained essentially unchanged, the chassis was reworked. The wheelbase and track width were increased, but the overall length was slightly shorter; Nissan claimed the chassis had 50 percent more torsional rigidity and a 100 percent increase in bending rigidity. In 1997, the 240sx received minor cosmetic enhancements, including new front-end bodywork, side skirts (SE and LE only), projector headlights and updated taillights. ‘Zenki’ refers to 1995-1996 models and ‘Kouki’ is the designation for 1997-1998 cars.
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