NISSAN 240SX (S13)

The first generation 240sx was sold from 1989-1994 in the United States and was available as a fastback or coupe; both featured the same pop-up headlights and sloping front end as the JDM 180sx. The coupe is referred to as the Silvia in Japan, and has fixed headlights and a squarer nose. Coupes had the distinction of a Heads-Up Display and digital speedometer. The 240sx is rear-wheel drive and known for its superb handling and precise steering; it has since become an icon in the world of drifting. The U.S. models came with the KA24E, a 2.4L SOHC inline-4 with 3-valves per cylinder, and switched to the twin-cam, 4-valve KA24DE in 1991. A convertible became available in 1992, and was the only configuration offered in 1994. An optional sports package included ABS, a limited-slip differential and Nissan’s Super HICAS 4-wheel steering. Early-model JDM cars utilized the CA18DET engine, which was replaced by the renowned SR20DET motor for the 1991 model year. No turbocharger meant American models were underpowered, making full JDM conversions extremely popular in recent years.
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