The second generation Viper was produced from 1996-2002 and saw the introduction of the GTS coupe, nicknamed the "double bubble," a reference to the slightly raised sections of the roofline above each seat, meant to accomodate helmets. The same 8 liter V10 and 6-speed manual were employed; horsepower rose to 415 for the 1996-1997 RT/10 and 450 for the 1996-2002 GTS and 1998-2002 RT/10. The car still lacked anti-lock brakes until 2001, but came with dual front airbags from 1996 on. New 18" wheels and tires were added in 1999, as well as the optional Cognac Connolly leather interior package. With a quarter mile time of 12.2 sec, a top speed of 185 mph and a 0-60 mph time of 4.0 sec, the 2nd gen Vipers substantially improved on the performance of the original cars.
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