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We are down to the last few spots for @fuelrun Midnight Run to Las Vegas on the weekend of February 24th-26th. This is for Exotic and Luxury vehicles. Each spot is for one car, two participants. It includes a Persian Dinner served at @cncmotors , two nights stay at @palazzovegas , a day at @lvmotorspeedway drag racing your rides and lunch, a night at the hottest new club in Las Vegas, @jewelnightclub ( that's tables not just entry into club), and more for $1,850. For complete details click in the link on my bio and if you have any questions, please DM me. #FuelRunLV #koobideh #goldrushrally
by goldRush Rally

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We Are Down To The Last Few Spots For @fuelrun Midnight Run To Las Vegas On The Weekend Of February 24Th-26Th. This Is For Exotic And Luxury Vehicles. Each Spot Is For One Car, Two Participants. It Includes A Persian Dinner Served At @cncmotors , Two Nigh