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We are always up to something here and have been slow to post content. That will be changing during the next couple weeks. First off we are proud to announce our newest team member Donald Williams Don brings years of experience to the team. From Nissan's to Audi's , Don has pretty much touched them all. As a crew chief at the track or racing behind the wheel Don has great ideas and advise on chassis setup, tire choice, and equipment execution. Don is a great asset to the company and we look forward to many years with him on our team. We are also adding new vehicles to the fleet to showcase our work. Cody Moran, one of our team members will be out with his beautiful Evo 9. Killian Heid our first official brand Ambassador is shooting for 10's this season and we with him luck. Killian build his car himself and knows where to come to get the tune dialed. Nathan Schneider is planing something big with his awesome STI. The shop cars are getting updates as well. Adam Skippy McMahan 240 is getting a makeover for this racing season and lastly the World Famous "Panda Express" shop GC8 is under the knife again with big changes. As always stay Tuned!!! We will be blowing minds!!!!!
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We Are Always Up To Something Here And Have Been Slow To Post Content. That Will Be Changing During The Next Couple Weeks. First Off We Are Proud To Announce Our Newest Team Member Donald Williams Don Brings Years Of Experience To The Team. From Nissan's