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Warren Dexter racing his Mazda Miata during a NASA Central Region race at Motorsports Park Hastings.

Join us August 13/14 for National Auto Sport Association racing. NASA has created racing programs that accommodate all sorts of popular vehicles with rules that encourage aftermarket modification. NASA has a class for almost any type of vehicle ranging from Production Sedans to Stock Cars. If you do not posses a competition license, NASA has programs that will allow you to participate in a racing school to become qualified to race. If you are currently racing with another recognized organization, NASA welcomes you to our program and accepts competition licenses from many different sanctioning bodies.

Photo by Bartley Louis Mollohan, view more pics at
by NASA Rocky Mountain

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Warren Dexter Racing His Mazda Miata During A Nasa Central Region Race At Motorsports Park Hastings. Join Us August 13/14 For National Auto Sport Association Racing. Nasa Has Created Racing Programs That Accommodate All Sorts Of Popular Vehicles With Rule