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This 1000HP EG Honda Civic is one to watch as it pushes further for the FWD half mile world record crown.

English Racing tuner Aaron O’Neal gives us some insight into his J Series swapped EG Civic that has run a best of 199.38mph over the 1/2 mile earlier in the year with a 189mph run being achieved at this year's Shift-S3ctor Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack before some technical gremlins cut the weekend short.

The Ignite Racing Fuel 114 ethanol based fed 3.5L J35 V6 is relatively stock with a J32A2 head swap, Crower Cams & Equipment Co. modified factory cams, Wiseco Automotive pistons, Pauter Machine X beam connecting rods with power being put to the ground through the Acura TL 6 speed gearbox that has been modified to a 5 speed with 4th gear being straight cut to handle the full 700+ ft-lb of torque that is delivered to it.

Aaron runs is through the importance of using good tyres such as his Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels slicks along with dialing in suspension and chassis set up to maintain traction rather than solely relying on the electronic methods his AEM Performance Electronics Infinity ECU, VDM and CD7 Dash package can provide. Examples of this include controlling the 37 Psi of boost via the Precision Turbo & Engine 8385 by gear and also limited the torque output by gear with full power being restricted right through to 4th.

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