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Sponsor spots are filling fast for Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack! If you're interested in being a sponsor for the most exciting roll race event on the west coast, contact us today while spots are available.

Here is the Grip Force Mclaren MP4-12C against the rival Ferrari 458. Epic matchups and races guaranteed, April 19th and 20th. Grip Force, your high end distributor for clutch and brake components... check them out:

Registration for Airstrip Attack opens Monday, March 3rd.
Airstrip Attack is brought to you by title sponsors OB Prestige Auto & Diamonds By Wire

Photo by BJ Lopez Photography

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Sponsor Spots Are Filling Fast For Shift-S3Ctor Airstrip Attack! If You're Interested In Being A Sponsor For The Most Exciting Roll Race Event On The West Coast, Contact Us Today While Spots Are Available. Here Is The Grip Force Mclaren Mp4-12C Against Th