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As we move into 2019, we want to formally announce our updated safety Rules and Regulations moving forward. As event organizers, we walk a fine line in requiring and enforcing proper safety equipment without making the rules so invasive that it prevents participation. Therefore, 2019 will require the following for ALL vehicles exceeding 180mph at our half-mile events with no exceptions.

1. Helmet - Snell SA2010 or newer Helmet
2. Gloves - SFI-rated driving gloves must be worn
3. Harnesses - Properly installed SFI or FIA rated harnesses with, at minimum, four points.
4. HANS Device / Neck Restraint
5. Fire Extinguisher - Properly mounted fire extinguisher within reach of driver in
seated position.
6. 4-Point Roll Bar Properly installed.
7. Fire Suit - SFI-rated driver’s suit or jacket. A fire jacket at minimum with long pants.

More details and specifics can be found on our Rules and Regulations, which will continually be updated here:

We look forward to an amazing season of racing in 2019, and are hoping these implementations will allow the sport to grow safely and effectively.

Our tentative 2019 schedule has also been posted at

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As We Move Into 2019, We Want To Formally Announce Our Updated Safety Rules And Regulations Moving Forward. As Event Organizers, We Walk A Fine Line In Requiring And Enforcing Proper Safety Equipment Without Making The Rules So Invasive That It Prevents P