Impulse RS
Transmission Manual
Body work, paint, interior. Then after it's all done, i will get a bigger turbo, injectors, AEM EMS2 ECM, and AEM methanol injection.
The mechanical build is about done, and once it is, it's going to paint next.
1 of 133 left, purchased it to prevent it from getting scrapped. I then have been working on getting it as good as i can get it from paycheck to paycheck. Going on 7 years now and i wanted to make absolute sure that the car was perfect mechanically before i started doing things like paint.
All wheel drive, turbo, intercooled, handling by lotus.
Power everything.
Too much to list here, but it's basically a 1.7 DOHC with custom cams, big 16g turbo, custom tig welded exhaust manifold and downpipe, full 2.5" turbo back exhaust, and some other go fast goodies.
KYB GR2 struts, coil-over suspension
No-name 17x7s for now.
In the works, will have a custom one-off body kit that's functional and looks pleasing to the eyes.
Working on black-out interior, including black leather, plastic, vinyl, and suede.
A project car never stops being a project car!!
4XE1W / 4XE1W-T
160/6,600 / 350est/6,600
150/4,800 /
4 / 4
1588cc / 1691cc
80 / 82.5
79 /
8.5:1 / 9.45:1
166.1 in. /
66.7 in. /
51.1 in. /
96.5 in. /
34.2 /
4 /
2,732 lbs /
12.4 gallons /
GReddy, Mishimoto, Arias, Toga, Hankook, Clutch Masters, ARP
As i progress with the car, i will update this profile.
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