The Alfa
Alfa Romeo
Spider Graduate
Transmission Manual
I want to add new sway bars and completely refurbish the interior.
Prior owner updated springs, shocks, and wheels. I added track pads, lines, and fluid. Just finishing build of Trackday/Auto-X engine.
Motronic 10.0:1 Pistons, IAP Street/Trackday Cams, Spruell Motorsport Trackday Head Prep, 45mm Oversized Valves, Spruell Motorsport High RPM Valve Springs, Sachs Heavy Duty Clutch, Spruell Lightened/Reinforced Pressure Plate, Stinger Exhaust, IAP Chrome Headers
Satisfied GS5 Pads, ATE Blue Fluid, ATE Premium One Rotors, Koni Red Adj. Shocks, International Auto Parts Lowering Springs
Panasport 15x7 Minilites
126/5500 / 150/6000
131 / 160
4 / 4
1962 cc / 1962 cc
9.0:1 / 10.0:1
168.8 in /
64.1 in /
48.8 in /
88.6 in /
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