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TT Base
Transmission Manual
Stage 3
It has Stage 2+
I bought it as a used Car second hand. I started to running at highways but I felt like I need more adrenaline and sense to spend money on the car, so I decided to began race on Track Days and in quarter of mile some times.
1.8T engine with 150hp and K03 turbo
Unitronic ECU stage 2 custom program CAI system K&N Inlet pipe Nos kit 70hp shot Watermeth injection kit AEM
K sport coil overs and big brakes
TT RS rims 17" with g-Force KDW 265/45 RS4 rims 18" with Toyo proxes 4 285/40
1.8 T 150 K03 / 1.8 T K03
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