Celica All Trac
Transmission Manual
Garrett GTX2876r Turbo, Water to Air Intercooler, Carlos Sainz Hood, MegaSquirt, Whiteline Sway bars and more!
JDM 3S-GTE Motor, 3" Exhaust, JDM ECU, CT20b Turbo, Tanabe drop springs.
Purchased in 2005 with a blown motor did a JDM 1/2 Clip swap to a 30k mile 3S-GTE. Has had many ups and downs. But a blast none the less. She been used as a Rally Recce Car, AutoX, Road Racing, Lapping Days, Cone Hauler and just about everything you can think of.
3S-GTE with CT20b Turbo, 3" Exhaust
Tanabe Sustec Suspension, EBC Red Pads
Currently Enkei Rallys. Have a set of OZ Rally Raids
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