Mustang GT
Transmission Manual
After we get the car put back together in a few weeks, I plan on focusing on improving the rear end so I can launch harder at the track. A five-lug swap with 4 wheel disk brakes may also be in order, which would mean new wheels would come about this as well. I'm looking now at the new Weld V-series black and polished racing wheels as an option. I'll see what new wheels they have by the time I do this upgrade. The following winter, we plan on putting in the smooth inner fender aprons to make for a much cleaner look in engine compartment, as we do show the car. After that, if more performance mods need to be done to hang with some of the boosted cars around here, I may go with a turbo setup from a dart block.
My dad and I took this little Mustang from a fairly stock car all the way to the mean street machine it is today...or was last Fall. Now, we're in the process of stroking the engine out to a 331 and upgrading a bunch of the bolt ons to reach our goal of running 10's on the motor. Nitrous will be added and used IF needed.
I bought the car partially restored. The previous owner had repainted it from bright red (which was more of a faded pink) to this color, light metallic gunmetal grey. The previous owner had the car about 95% assembled when I bought it. Apparently, he had some family cancer care bills which needed to be paid soon, so he slapped the car together and sold it in running condition. We drove it home and my dad and I finished assembling it within a week. For example, there was no Ford oval in the front bumper or 5.0 emblems on the fenders, but he did provide us with these parts. Also, each interior piece was held in by one or no screws. I drove the car as a daily driver, despite it being in excellent condition. We added a few go-fast parts as we went along but nothing too serious. Then one day, during my 2 minute trip to highschool at a 4-way intersection, a minivan pulled out from a stop sign after I had pulled away a second or so earlier. The minivan plowed the passenger side fender, bumped my car sideways, and hit me again in the passenger door. We got things sorted out with the other guy's insurance company and they ended up claiming him to be 100% at fault, so we rebuilt the car over a 6 month period. A few upgrades came about this rebuild period, but the biggest improvement of all was starting the pro-street look buy purchasing a set of Centerline Convo Pros from the guy who worked at the place where my dad bought the paint and supplies from. Eventually, we also purchased frame connectors from this same guy.
Sunroof, power locks and windows, cruise
Black interior
Previously 302 and basically a stage 3 cobra setup. Ran about even with an exhaust and tune Coyote. New setup will be high RPM 331 with safety nitrous.
Stock brakes Lakewood lift bar rear control arms, adjustable upper control arms, adjustable rear shocks, coil-overs up front with drag-ratio springs.
Centerline Convo Pro rims 15x8 rear 15x4 front, Nitto 555R drag radials, Volkswagen tires for front runners (yeah, I know...)
Shaved hatch Ford emblem, Cobra R style fiberglass hood, aftermarket headlights and taillights, tastefully-tinted windows
White face back-lit cluster guages, 2-guage pod A-pillar with white face water temp and air-fuel guages, white face tach with shift light, white face AC knob backing plate, white retro shift knob with running horse logo, 5.0 floor mats, polished billet door handle switches, billet E-brake cover (used for stopping that button rattle sound even though it looks a little ricey), UPR billet battery box
JVC head unit with Sony eXplode speakers
"OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE LOSING" sticker on driver's mirror.
Driver mod ??
/ 3000
Armor All, Maguire's, Turtle Wax, Mother's
Motorcraft oil, Motorcraft/FRAM filter
BBK, MAC, K&N, MSD, UPR, Lakewood, Ford Racing
I am 20 years old and this is my car. It's not my dad's, it's not my mom's, it's mine. They have their own Mustang. I bought this car with my own money, upgraded it with my own money, and work on it with my own hands. My parents have given me some mods as Christmas or birthday presents, but other than that, I spend my own money that I make myself on this car. My dad is a mechanic and we work on the car together, but that's just what a father and son are supposed to do. He helps me work on my car and I help him work on his. Please have some respect for younger car guys because not all of them had their car paid for with "daddy's money", and even if they did, there's still no reason to comment on that.
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