Aaron Risdall's 670 hp St...
S2000 Base
Transmission Manual
cam shafts
Golden Eagle Ductile Iron Sleeves,
JE Forged Pistons,
Pauter Billet Rods,
ARP Head Studs,
Full Race turbo manifold,
Precision 6262 turbo,
Precision Intercooler,
Tial 60mm w/g,
Tial blow-off valve,
T1 custom intercooler piping,
T1 Downpipe and wastegate dumptube,
Vibrant VanJen clamps,
T1 Custom catchcan,
T1 heat protection pkg,
E85 Fuel System,
Injector Dynamics ID2000cc Fuel Injectors,
Dual walbro 255lph fuel pumps,
T1 custom stainless feed and return line kit,
Kinsler Monster Mesh fuel filters,
Weldon A120 fuel pressure regulator,
AEM Engine Management System, T1 Boost controller kit
Science of Speed twin-disc carbon clutch
Project Built and Tuned by T1 Race Development
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