The Pontiac
Sunfire SE
Transmission Automatic
I am going to purchase a completely new block (2.4L LD9 DHOC) leave the block but use all forged internals, add larger injectors to cope with the turbo, buy a stronger trans-axle, as well as turbo charging and more tuning, adding a cat-back exhaust system, and there is body work to be done but im considering making the car a sleeper.
I have currently lowered the front end and inch and a half and the rear about an inch as well as changed the sway bars and stiffened the rears suspension to help with cornering, i added a cold intake (which broke off its mounts a week later and am currently waiting for a new one to arrive). I flased the ECU and retuned it with an HP Tuner.
Was my grandads old car but he moved up to a '96 corvair, and sold me this junk heap for 1,500. was kept stock and has over 210k miles on it.
2.4L LD9 TwinCam /
112@5600 /
150@5600 /
210@2400-4400 /
155@2400-4400 /
4-CYL /
146 /
90mm /
94mm /
9.7:1 /
181.9 in. /
67.4 in. /
53.2 in. /
104.1 in. /
5 /
15L /
23 city/ 33 highway /
It's a piece of shit, but its my piece of shit.
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